Worldwide co-operation with your international team!

Organize your team professionally and work actively for your collaborative success.
To guarantee an efficient teamwork, all international teams have to deal with different barriers like different languages, functions and cultures but also technical problems like time zones or various styles of lettering.

teamspace is the perfect tool to succeed with international projects. The support of unicode signs (UTF-8) entries in all international characters like Cyrillic, Japanese or Arabic is possible. They are all displayed correctly and can be synchronized with MS Outlook.

teamspace is the ideal system for international teams due to individual time zones, multilingualism, different time and date formats and worldwide availability through the Internet. Functional and organizational barriers can be overcome easily and information can be distributed quickly.

For that reason “Let’s work together!” is not simply a slogan… it is an attitude that is realized and refelcted in our software!  

Reach your collaborative toals!

teamspace supports you in working together with international and multi-cultural colleagues, partners and clients!