Successful teamwork with teamspace

Thousands of people all over the world are working more effectively via Internet due to teamspace. teamspace offers a significant range of possibilities. Also new applications and developments are added to the service on a daily basis.

Please find here some application examples for the use of teamspace:
Project planning and project handling

An effective project management is absolutely essential if a project should be successful. The 5 POINT AG uses the teamspace project management modules "Tasks" and "Time Sheets" for its software development projects.

teamspace ensures that projects can be divided into phases and in a further step subdivided into clear-cut work packages. Within each work package, the project manager is able to apply data including expenditures, co-workers, times and priorities. This solution ensures that the project members are aware of everything happening within the team. They can look up the current status, fill in their working hours and outline the progress made to a specific date on the project. The system can also be used for the exchange of files.

Preparation and review of seminars or workshops

The efficient preparation and review of trainings and seminars contributes significantly to the quality of the training measures and evaluation. Often participants of trainings and coaches might not be at the same location, and an adequate supervision would be complex and time-consuming.

The BMW Group in Munich supports their training evaluation with teamspace. Each training group has its own virtual room on the Internet. These virtual learning rooms offer participants the unique opportunity of exchanging documents, solving problems, discussing dates or plans and accomplishing project work. Such a solution ensures the immediate improvement of the knowledge transfer of the training measures.

Planning and control of external service providers

To guarantee an efficient business relationship system, effective co-operations with external service providers are essential. Whereas external assignments deliver advantages, they also require a considerable planning and control.

With teamspace, you will be able to plan your tasks and the necessary times and budgets can be recorded on a decentralized basis by your respective co-workers. This will provide you with clear data regarding completed tasks and the cost of them. All data can be maintained on a dynamic basis, regardless of whether the external co-worker works from home or at your company. With different access rights and several modes can be ensured that the external partner is only able to edit and handle the relevant projects and tasks.

Connection to your Home Office

Nowadays it is absolutely essential to have the possibility to work in an home office. Aware of this trend and that the employee or partner needs access to calendars, important files and addresses all the time, teamspace has designed the most suitable technological assistance.

For companies that want to make data available to co-workers operating from home, teamspace offers the possibility of transferring the office organization onto the Internet. Therefore you have the unique chance to access all your data from all around the world.

Networks and virtual enterprises

Working effectively in networks or virtual enterprises requires precise task sharing and coordination. This will allow you to maximize the output and minimize the input and to control expenditure for the individual members as well as obtain synergies at the same time. The teamspace solution means that networks and virtual enterprises of all sizes can coordinate all of their activities in the most professional and effective manner. Furthermore, they can exchange information and discuss new ideas by using our unique discussion and creativity features.


In many NPOs (non-profit organizations), all members require the possibility of efficient virtual communication with each other member. Members should not only be able to have discussions within a protected scope but also have the possibility of contacting one another on an individual basis.

Notwithstanding the exceptional internal communication functions, teamspace also allows NPOs to administer resources and dates professionally. Each individual member can enter profiles, detailing anything from their personal strengths to their hobbies and can then manage their addresses themselves, which means the information is always up to date.

Release Management

Product managers plan and administer revisions to their product line in "releases", in order to introduce new innovations at fixed dates. teamspace is able to support this procedure in a highly professional way.

Our project management modules will ensure that you can carry out a complete release administration. Furthermore, your co-workers can enter any suggestions for improvement at any time, meaning the perfect vehicle is created for "bouncing ideas". Our solution allows all suggestions to then be evaluated and prioritized.

Furthermore, co-workers and task leaders can be assigned and all assigned workers are able to update the progress of the respective work package themselves. Therefore, all resources can be used highly effectively.

Support of working groups and teams

Many organizations are divided regionally or topic-referred into smaller groups which work on certain tasks. These working groups are frequently scattered geographically and need central planning and information.

With teamspace work groups can be supported efficiently during the progress of their activities. The system offers communication, data exchange and scheduling platforms. All administrative works can also be done easily.

Integration of customers and suppliers

You cooperate with customers and suppliers and have to exchange files and coordinate dates regularly? For security reasons you don't want to open your Intranet to suppliers or customers?

teamspace offers you the perfect platform for effective co-operation with customers and suppliers without changing the security standards of your own Intranet.

Coordination of software development

Software development is a complex iterative process in which many persons are involved. Requirements must be collected and then transferred into functions. During the development, dependencies regarding to many different factors must be taken into consideration. Errors arising during tests must be documented and fixed immediately.

With teamspace you can plan complex software projects and realize these projects in heterogeneous groups all over the world.