teamspace Enterprise Portal

The teamspace Enterprise Portal is not just a platform for collaboration of separate teams, but also the overall information and communication center for all users. It can be equipped with individual access rights throughout the whole system. It is your Intranet on the Internet, accessible for internal and external users. An easy user administration determines what each user is allowed to see.

The content of the portal can be maintained by editors with the included Content Management System or it can contain displays from teamspace teams, like Calendar, Files or Contacts. In addition each customer can also create and edit a public website from within the portal.

The Single-Sign-On-access can be adapted to all password policies and is valid for all parts of the portal and the teamspace teams of the Enterprise Server license.

The teamspace Enterprise Portal is the latest and most advanced teamspace offer by 5 POINT AG. Introduced in April 2006, it was already implemented for clients like ABN AMRO or DaimlerChrysler. It is perfectly suited for whole companies or single departments and divisions as well as for company networks.

teamspace Enterprise Portals are individual installations with increased customization options in design and settings compared to a regular Enterprise Server. Enterprise Portal licenses only run on a dedicated server. Costs for installation, equipment and design vary depending on the customers wishes.

The Enterprise Portal is the perfect “One-Stop” information and collaboration platform for all internal employees and, different from most company Intranets, also for all external partners, customers or contractors


Please contact us directly for all further questions or a tour through our demo portal. We can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs and make you an individual offer for your company.

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