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"One of the most beautiful groupwares, I have tested yet. Its Outlook synchronisation is great!"

A. Gynes, Budapest

"teamspace is a very advanced reliable project management tool."

B. Anton, Sri Lanka


"We actually are a 5 POINT AG’s teamspace customer. We are very satisfied with the service. teamspace has enabled us to improve our internal communication and coordinate the consulting shared agenda and support activities as well."

R. De la Cruz, BiCon, Guatemala


"We are using your product and what we like is that it is not invasive (no pop ups, alarms, etc.). It also allows us to coordinate our photo studios using the calendar and color coding."

Digital Photo, Ireland


"I find this tool extremely useful. This thing has got so many features that are useful, and can store our documents in one place for all to read, edit etc. The other good thing is at the end of the campaign all our work will be neatly in one place for us to transfer to party servers."

A. Majid, Lintel Investments Pvt Ltd, Malé


"teamspace has been an excellent solution and has been well supported."